Baked Comfort Food

Ever wondered about the reason, you craved for your mother’s famous Sunday poached eggs at the time you were sick? Why that particular dish? Moreover, why craving it the most when you were sick?

Well, it’s all because of the magic of comfort food. Comfort food is the food that makes you feel at ease and nostalgic, when you are feeling low, it holds the value of sentiments to people. In most of the cases, it is something healthy cooked by your loved ones, thus making it more special for you.

Now how about baked comfort food. In reality, there is a large variety of comfort food recipes which are baked as compared to the non-baked ones. There are dishes like cheesecakes, pies, cookies, pancakes and what not. What adds more to the value of these foods is that they are filled with nutrients, so even if you are dieting, you can have them.

Over the years, there have been different comfort recipes invented all over the countries. Where puddings and pies are loved by people in Britain, Canadians love a cheeseburger when they are not feeling well. Asians like meat and cereals the best as their comfort food.

Baked Comfort Food


Different tastes, same sentiments.

Some common comfort foods are beef stew, spaghetti and meatballs, dumplings, mac and cheese and soups. Albeit these take quite an effort in preparing at home, but the comfort they bring is worth it. There are quite a few home cooked meals too, like cookies, pancakes, soups and hot chocolate.

It is also observed that different people have different cravings for comfort food. Men like to have heavy food like baked steak, stew and some more meat, while females like food like snack which are chips, cakes and chocolates. These days, the industry actually makes food with the intentions of being eaten when you’re low.

In short, comfort foods are one of the best food recipes out there, which never makes you feel unloved and safe. So next time, keep your stack of “emergency loving” aka comfort food ready when you are having a bad day.