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Freemasonry - Its Hidden Meaning

by George H. Steinmetz

A spiritual interpretation of the esoteric work of the Masonic lodge, analyzes the lectures and symbols of the three degrees. (1948)


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"The archetypal image of the wise man, the saviour or redeemer, lies buried and dormant in man's unconscious since the dawn of culture; it is awakened whenever the times are out of joint and a human society is committed to a serious error" *

In the present era, when indeed, "the times are of joint," Freemasonry should eagerly embrace the sacred opportunity of awakening the torpid consciousness of the leaders of the masses to the real truths of Masonic Wisdom. This is my prayer and my hope; and this desire has inspired me to present in this treatise the illucidation of those Masonic truths as I have been given the light to see them.

* C. G. Jung Modern Man in Search of a Soul. Harcourt, Brace & Co.

Freemasonry Contents

  1. By Way of Introduction
  2. Masonry - Religion
  3. Mental Science
  4. Evolution
  5. The Secret Doctrine
  6. Entered Apprentice
  7. Entered Apprentice Lecture
  8. Fellow Craft
  9. Middle Chamber Lecture
  10. Master Mason
  11. The Great Moral Lesson
  12. Master Mason Lecture

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