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Review: Masonic Secrets Revealed

Masonic Secrets Revealed

Masonic Secrets Revealed details the secrets that men have been men have been murdered for divulging. From the Freemasons' solemn oath: "I do most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear... to have my throat cut across... My tongue torn out by the roots... And my body buried in the rough sands of the sea at low water mark, where the tide ebbs and flows in twenty-four hours... ...should I ever knowingly or willingly violate this my solemn oath or obligation... So help me God."

The source of the information in the book Masonic Secrets Revealed was allegedly murdered after his notes were published. This book answers many questions about the Masons such as:

Masonic Secrets Revealed is a 223 page eBook in PDF format. Chapters cover the following topics:

Ceremonies Of Opening A Lodge Of Entered Apprentice Masons; Ceremonies Of The Admission And Initiation Of A Candidate In The First Degree Of Freemasonry; Ceremony Of Closing A Lodge Of Entered Apprentices; Lecture On The First Degree Of Masonry; The Second Or Fellow Craft Mason'S Degree; The Third, Or Master Mason'S Degree; An Address To Be Delivered To The Candidate After The History Has Been Given; Test-Oath And Word; Fourth, Or Mark Master'S Degree; Ceremonies Used In Opening A Lodge Of Mark Master Masons; Ceremonies Generally Gone Through In Closing A Lodge Of Mark Masons; Lecture On The Fourth Degree Of Masonry Or Mark Master'S Degree; The Past Master'S Degree; Most Excellent Master'S Degree; Ceremonies Used In Opening A Lodge Of Most Excellent Masters; Ceremonies Of Initiation; Royal Arch Degree; Knights Of The Red Cross; Knight Templar, And Knight Of Malta; Knights Of The Christian Mark And Guards Of The Conclave; Knights Of The Holy Sepulchre; The Holy And Thrice Illustrious Order Of The Cross, Called A Council; The Obligations Of Thrice Illustrious Knights Of The Cross; The Lodge Of Perfection: Comprising The Eleven Ineffable Degrees Of Masonry; Secret Master; Degree Of Perfect Master; Intimate Secretary; Provost And Judge; Intendant Of The Buildings; Elected Knights Of Nine; Masters Elected Of Fifteen; Illustrious Knights Elected; Grand Master Architects; Knights Of The Ninth Arch; Grand Elect, Perfect, And Sublime Mason; The Philosophical Lodge; Or, The Key Of Masonry: Being The Degree Of Knights Adepts Of The Eagle Or Sun; Moral Lodge; General Lecture In This Degree; Princes Of Jerusalem; Knights Of The East And West; Sovereign Princes, Masters Advitiam, Or Venerable Grand Masters Of All Symbolic Lodges; Prince Of The Royal Secret; Sovereign Grand Inspector General

You can instantly download and read Masonic Secrets Revealed. It will reveal to you the closely guarded secrets of the world's oldest and largest secret brotherhood. It comes with an 8 week (56 day) satisfaction guarantee, and if you're not happy you can get a 100% questions asked!



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